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We decided it was best to offer only those products our Providers felt were appropriate to support you in your weight loss journey. We have reviewed the independent assays of all the products we sell and assure you that there are no finer supplements in the marketplace.


Mini Multi: Intentionally set at micro-levels, Mini-Multi One-A-Day provides an easy to swallow vitamin and mineral complex, including Iron, Calcium and Vitamin C. (actually small enough for you to swallow!)


Hoodia 1000: Energizing daytime weight management time-release formula.


Vitamin D3: Vitamin D has been in the forefront of the medical world with all of the recent discoveries as to the significance of this essential nutrient for overall health and well being. Nicknamed the Sunshine Vitamin, Vitamin D is unique among all other vitamins because it is the only conditional one and must be synthesized in the skin from exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. 


Natural Woman: Formulated to help regulate female hormones naturally, Natural Woman is a once a day combination of herbs, Soy Isoflavones and plant extracts.

7 Day Cleanse: Specially formulated Health Complex for the liver, colon, digestive tract, and overall wellness cleansing system. Made with Fiber, Aloe Vera, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Thistle in convenient individual packet form.

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